Scroll >>>> or .org makes the giving easy.      For your consideration. CLICK on the photo to get to that charity homepage. See what they're all about. or .org is part search engine, part traveling exhibit. We don't want to go getting all Angelina Jolie on you, but we are living in a rich country and people need your help. and .org is brought to you by PROJECTalphabet. Each of today's 26 causes link to that homepage. Research your favorite charities without getting carpal tunnel. So click thru and see what they're doing to save the world. •  Giving is good.  If you don't believe me, believe Bill Clinton.  Want to include your charity in or .org?  Stay tuned.   Check out other PROJECTalphabet Books HERE.     • • •     Photographs ©2007 Jane Hanstein Cunniffe

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   Scroll from A to Z >>>>>>>>>>> and .org is brought to you by PROJECTalphabet™          • • •          Photographs ©2007 Jane Hanstein Cunniffe            THIS IS A WORK IN PROGRESS                    Better to give than to receive.  •    The 26causes launch coincides with Bill Clinton's new book, GIving—nearly eclipsing his appearance on Letterman.   To buy Giving, visit     Better than just reading about it, click on one of the letters and GIVE.      • • •    Charities will be rotating, so stay tuned.        While you're at it, why don't you make your own at PROJECTalphabet™    They're great for kids and ideal for parents, teachers and school fundraisers. To see where it all got started visit   ©2007 Worldwide Goat LLC